About me

As time is passing by, we all seem to be getting self-obsessed day by day. I, me and mine are on the top of the head all the time. I thought to share some “Me” thoughts with my dear followers.

So here you go,

I’m Dr. Tayaba Sarfraz. I’m a Medical Doctor and Medical Educationist. I’m working on a research project. I’m a freelance writer. I’m a Pakistani. I’ve lived most of my life in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

I’m married to the most humble and kind husband who is a huge support system for me and my kids. We both plan things and work on several projects altogether. I’m a mom of two beautiful kids, a girl and a boy, aged 4 and 1.5 years old. I’m running a blog on Instagram named @rantsofalazymom

I’m blessed with most caring and loving Parents on the Earth who always encouraged us and worked hard to raise a strong, educated and pious generation. May Allah have mercy on them.


I’m a fitness freak, working on my weight loss. As we all know that fitness promotes good health which is essential for a bright heart and a calm soul. A peaceful mind allows us to progress in life successfully.

I love green smoothies, steaks, and soups and yes green chilies too. I love searching for diet recipes for chocolate desserts. I usually try keto-friendly recipes even though I’m not a Keto person. I get my customized weight loss plans from a Canadian Fitness and lifestyle coach Nabillah Farooq.

I’m a breastfeeding mom and support breastfeeding. I love desi foods and I’m a Biryani expert which I learned from my late mom (may Allah grant her highest ranks in Jannah tul Firdous). Stay tuned guys, I’ll be posting some amazing recipes which I learned from my mom in sha Allah soon.

I’m a hijabi and I try to practice Islam at maximum. I teach my 4 yrs old about Islamic facts and basics. I try to include sunnah foods in our daily lives. I never watch tv nor listen to music. May Allah keep me on the right path.

I’m very talkative and love talking to even strangers. But unfortunately, a momin doesn’t speak much as our deen promotes mindful talks only. I’m trying to minimize my talks for the sake of Allah  May Allah make this struggle easy for me.

I have a firm belief on Our Creator. Allah provides us our Rizq from the sources which we never imagined. And He is the best of planners.

Barak Allahu feekum,

Tayaba Sarfraz

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